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LibKSD is a library initially designed and created by David Snopek. The library is growing into a community effort and it is intended that this library serve as a foundation for larger development efforts. These efforts could include games that are developed directly upon this library or higher level development libraries directed at specific game genres. It is conceivable that this library could be used in a more general fashion to develop applications, but that is not a major focus of the development effort here.

This is a community effort and every developer makes a unique contribution. This especially true since each developer has a slightly different use in mind for the library. We hope that this will lead to robust development and a wide range of applications.

Here is a summary of what some of the developers have done for the project and what their eventual goals are. If you have contributed to the project and would like to make a statement here, submit the statement to Sterling Hanenkamp to include it here.

David Snopek

My name is David Snopek. This project is a prelude to a much bigger project which aspires to create a completely extendable game library involving: Scenes, Actors and Characters. I had already started the project based on a different framework but I quick discovered its weaknesses, and decided I needed a cross-platform framework that sat right on the bones of the computer.

My real strength is not programming wizardry (such as is required for low level work with the hardware) but in software architecture. This is why the real work is done by SDL. But don't get me wrong, my framework is more than just a simple layer (pun wholly intented) to SDL, it adds functionality only appropriate in a high level framework. I searched and did not find a framework that fit my parameters and hopefully others will find libksd at least useful.

Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

This is Sterling. (I usually go by my middle name because there were three other guys named Andrew on my floor when I moved into the dorms in college.) As of this writing, I don't really have much to do with the project except that I redid the web site so that it look pertier. I'm not the greatest web designer and tend to us too much CSS for older browsers to deal with, but I hope this is an improvement from the previous site. I have had some interest in graphics for quite some time and am looking for something to occupy, at least, my summer.

I'd personally like to use this library as a step towards writing an interactive 3-D space strategy simulator game. Something that had some nifty graphics, a really intuitive and functional user interface, a realistic inertial simulation model, (just turning off your boosters is not enough to bring you to a full stop--not that there is any such thing as "full stop" in space), and some cool AI to help you direct your fleet in battle.

I found SDL after some searching on SGI's OpenGL and Mesa3D. After looking at SDL I decided that I'd like to build a good C++ framework on top of it to make it functional enough to build the high level structures of my eventual game plans. However, I realized that just getting started would be quite a feat. After looking at a number of frameworks, I found this one and I think David's done a pretty good job of getting it started and I look forward to helping him flesh out the OpenGL parts.