EXPORT_CLASSclass TTrueTypeFont

A font class for using true type fonts.


Public Methods

[more] TTrueTypeFont()
[more] TTrueTypeFont(const char* filename)

Inherited from TFont:

Public Methods

ovirtual void Open(const char* filename)
ovirtual void Optimize(TFontAttr* List = NULL, int n = 0)
ovirtual int GetHeight(const TFontAttr&)
ovirtual int GetAscent(const TFontAttr&)
ovirtual int GetDescent(const TFontAttr&)
ovirtual int GetLineSkip(const TFontAttr&)
ovirtual void GetTextSize(const std::string& text, const TFontAttr&, int& width, int& height)

Public Members

oenum Font style flags

Protected Methods

ovirtual void DrawString(SDL_Surface*, int X, int Y, const std::string& text, TRect* ClipRect, const TFontAttr& attr = DefaultFontAttr)


A font class for using true type fonts. I don't suggest using it directly. Instead, use TFontList.

o TTrueTypeFont()

o TTrueTypeFont(const char* filename)

This class has no child classes.
See Also:
TFont, TFontList

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