Reference Guide

Automatically generates a main function for your application class.
o InitLibrary
Initializes the library for use.
o ShutdownLibrary
Cleans up libksd before program termination.
o Quit
Causes the application to perform shutdown procedures and exit with the error code passed.
o TApplication
A class that encapsulates the application.
o Application
A pointer to actual application object in use.
o TPen
A pen draw object.
o TBrush
A brush draw object.
o TDrawMode
The draw operation mode
o TCircle
A circle shape object.
o TCustomWidget
A pure-libksd way of implementing a TWidget.
o TBackend
Defines a libksd backend.
o TBackendSystem
The backend system.
o TBitmapFont
A font class for using bitmap fonts.
o TEventDispatcher
Passes events down the widget tree.
o exception
The base class for all libksd exceptions
o ENotInitialized
Throw when a system should be initialized to perform a certain operation but in fact it is not
o EUnsupported
Throw when a certain feature is requested but not support under the current platform
o EFileError
A generic file error.
o TFontAttr
A structure that describes font attributes, including: Style, Size, and Color
o DefaultFontAttr
The default font attr that is usually used when a font attr is not provided.
o TFont
Abstract font base class.
o TFontList
A class for storing font objects by name.
o TImage
An image surface.
o TLine
A line shape object.
o TSampleInstance
The object used to access a currently playing instance of a TSample.
o TMixer
The overall mixer object.
o TMixerAttr
This structure contains all the parameters nessecary to initialize the mixer.
o Mixer
This is the global mixer object.
o LoadPlugin
Load a plugin.
o LoadPluginList
Load a plugin list.
o RegisterPluginSystem
Adds the given plugin system to the list of registered plugin systems
o UnregisterPluginSystem
Removes the given plugin system from the list of registered plugin systems
o TRect
A rectangle shape object.
o TRefCounter
A template class that can be used to implement reference counting.
o TAuxRefCounter
Used to provide auxilary reference counting.
o ECannotInitDisplay
Thrown when the screen is unable to initialize the display to a particular set of attributes.
o TScreen
The base class for all libksd screen types.
o TShape2D
A generic interface to a 2D dimensional shape.
o ECannotLoadSymbol
Thrown when the shared library is unable to load the desired symbol
o TSharedLibrary
A class for using shared libraries.
o TTrueTypeFont
A font class for using true type fonts.
o tree
A generic tree container.
o TWidget
The base class for all widgets.
o TWidgetTree
Manages a widget heirarchy.

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