The Cross Platform Game Framework

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The Cross-Platform Game Framework

LibKSD is a game framework written in C++. In more specific terms, it is a system made up of several libraries. Generally, when refering to "LibKSD", we mean all the libraries in the standard LibKSD distribution. But, there is one library named ``libksd", which is refered to as the core library. This manual covers only the core library. For information on any of the standard add-on libraries (such as libksd_gui), please consult their individual manuals.

Here is a list of currently supported features in the core library:

Fast drawing functions for simple shapes, such as: rectangles, circles, ellipses and lines. All drawing functions can perform replace (overwrite) as well as bitwise AND, OR, and XOR.
An easy to use audio mixer that can play a variety of sound formats.
Multi-Threading Support:
Platform independant creation of threads, timers, and mutexs.
LibKSD provides support two font systems: true type fonts and bitmap (SFont) fonts. (While true type fonts have higher quality, it is a patented format. LibKSD provides the ability to remove true type support from the library completely and is not legally responcible for the actions of its users since an alternative format is provided.)
Platform independent joystick support.
Collision Detection:
A complete library of shapes that can used for easy collision detection.
A simple and resuable plug-in system that allows users to design games with future add-ons in mind.
A logging tool for simplified debugging. The logging calls disappear when not compiled in debug mode.

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