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LibKSD is a Free Software project lincensed under the LGPL, which aims to create a cross-platform game framework (written in C++) that would allow you write your game once and compile it for multiple operating systems and environments, including: Linux, MacOs, Windows, and BeOs. It is built on top of SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) and uses libSigC++ (also used in Gtk-- and libuta) for its signal sub-system. For more details, click here.


New Roadmap
    xevol - 2004-01-15 08:23   -   LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework
Nothing has really happened with libksd since the last release and for that I am sorry. But I just spent some time thinking over the design and scouring the code and I have some new and innovative ideas about where to go from here.
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LibKSD 0.1.0-pre2 has been released!
    xevol - 2003-07-18 13:57   -   LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework
Libksd 0.1.0-pre2 has finally gotten out the door. So much time has gone into this release, I really can't describe all the changes since the last release! The two most recent changes have been:

* Graphics core rewrite that massively cleans up the overall design.
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New Tutorial!
    xevol - 2003-05-13 06:36   -   LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework
A tutorial has been contributed by Leon Widdershoven. So far this tutorial has done a lot of good for the project: some esoteric parts of the code are getting documented and some bad design mistakes are becoming obvious. This is still a work in progress that won't be finished until after the next release. See the documentation page:
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Rewritten (and updated) website
    xevol - 2003-05-04 15:46   -   LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework
The website has been rewritten in a fashion that is easier to maintain and has (finally) been updated to some current information. Check it out.
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New Unified Build System
    xevol - 2003-05-02 07:11   -   LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework
Currently, libksd is trasitioning from a GNU make/autotools build system to an SCons (http://www.scons.org/) one. We now have a unified set of build scripts for building under both Linux and Windows (mingw). This should allow easier porting (and definitely maintaining) of the build system.
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libksd 0.1.0-pre1 has been released
    xevol - 2002-06-09 14:27   -   LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework
"Finally!", your saying, "A libksd release in all this time?" I am sorry that the project has been inactive for so long but, I have had other things to do. This is an inbetween release that I made only because we finally support win32! Unfortunately, there are some bugs under the win32 version that aren't in the linux version. Hopefully, though, this will inspire the Windows coders of the world, to help me out and fix these! ;-) Enjoy.
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LibKSD 0.0.4 has been released!
    xevol - 2001-11-24 15:49   -   LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework
LibKSD 0.0.4 has been released! The most notable feature added was support for OpenGL. But the others include: cleaned up API, and documentation. The next release will be on the developemental branch (as opposed to "experimental") bringing LibKSD ever so much closer to stability!
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Libksd 0.0.3 has been released!!
    xevol - 2001-08-27 15:51   -   LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework
Libksd 0.0.3 has finally been released!! New features in this version:

- Audio
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libksd 0.0.2 RELEASED!!
    xevol - 2001-01-20 11:38   -   LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework
libksd 0.0.2 has been released!! Lots of new fun stuff has been added. I believe that with this release, libksd has entered the actually usable stage. But it doesn't end here, OH NO, in the next version there shall be WIDGETS!!
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libksd 0.0.1 Released
    xevol - 2000-11-19 06:53   -   LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework
libksd 0.0.1 has been released. It has only the most basic parts of the framework and is in no way ready for real use. But the idea/architecture is good and I hope to have a follow up release in about month.
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