What is LibKSD?

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LibKSD is an Free Software project licensed under the LGPL, which aims to create a cross-platform game framework (written in C++) that would allow you write your game once and compile it for multiple operating systems and environments, including: Linux, MacOs, Windows, and BeOs. It is built on top of SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) and uses libSigC++ (also used in Gtk-- and libuta) for its signal sub-system. LibKSD aims to provides:

  • A simple customizable widget set, including: labels, buttons, combo boxes, text editing fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, message boxes, and scroll bars.
  • Fast drawing functions for simple shapes such as: rectangles, circles, ellipses and lines.
  • Support painting of both bitmaped and true type fonts.
  • Support for mixing OpenGL and normal LibKSD functionality including the widget set.
  • A logging tool for simplified debugging.
  • Multi-threading support. Easy platform independent creation of threads mnd mutexs.
  • Direct access to the pixels.
  • Platform independent access to shared libraries (called DLLs in the Windows world).
  • A simple plug-in system that allows for future add-ons.
  • A shape library used for collision detection that includes: rectangles, lines, and circles.
  • Fast fixed-point math.
  • Input from devices such as joysticks, the keyboard, and the mouse.
  • A simple interface to the computers sound system.
  • Support for system and simple delta timers.